Welcome to the web home of the Forest Friend's.... Secondlife's newest and most advanced Breedables, the new way to breed!


Our butterflies are now LIVE on the grid, thank you to all who could attend our launch party, we hope it was as fun for you as it was for us.

A huge thank you to all our butterfly beta testers - we had over 5,000 butterflies birthed, born or concieved over the time and the feedback from our amazing BETA Testers was fantastic.


Some of the core features of our new range of Forest Friend's Butterflies.

- Low prim [only 4 prims for normal size!] - Each Butterfly will be a slightly different size to every other one making them unique!
- Super low lag - scripted to be the lowest possible lag, with all items being phantom which removes collision lag.
- Simple menu driven interface - We have an optional HUD and processes are streamlined to do everything easily
- FREE genetics tracking for LIFE all the way back to starters!
- Your own FREE web portal where you can redeliver or check genetics on any animal or cocoon.
- LOW COST! You only need to buy food to breed our animals.
- You do not pay for the starter animals [there will be a cost for LE's but 100% profits from sales of these, will go to charity.]
- All Forest Friends Breedables use the SAME FOOD! So all future animals will use the same food as the Butterflies.
- Any Forest Friends animal or Food will allow you to reset your web portal [in-case of lost password etc]
- Cocoons [unbirthed Butteflies] have a small, low lag particle effect which will allow you to easily spot them which will stop once
you click on it [owner only]
- API updated and managed on the website WIKI for 3rd party developers. [still under development]
- Genetics Engine - is based on ACTUAL BIOLOGICAL genetics.
- All features are controllable individually, via any food [GFFS - Global Forest Friends Settings] or the HUD [GFFS]
- Trait drops - you do not need to get new starters for new traits. They are released slowly over time and must be breed out!
- Automated re-deliveries.- A simple 3 step system to INSTANTLY redeliver any Forest Friends animal that
is "borked" by sims/rez-lag issues etc - Log into the web portal, click redeliver, click on your redelivery stump.
- All stats [including pregnancy etc] are automatically recovered during redelivery - you will NEVER loose a pregnancy again.
- Does not require food once they become "elders" [age 99 or older and unable to breed]
- Updates are handled via redelivery [new redelivery stumps will be delivered via the storefronts for purchase for $0L each.
[So simply redeliver all your Animals to get the latest updates, with a simple functionality.]

Happy Breeding!

Our First "Meet the Creator Session" held at Huntress!!!