The story of the Forest Friends

The story of the Forest Friends is one that began eons ago, when the earth was young and full of life in every shape and form...

Elder Holly Glade was from the onset of the world a magickal and tranquil forest filled with the most amazing flora and fauna.

David and Luke Mendez
David and Luke Mendez
The Explorers David and Luke Mendez while exploring the world, came across this magical place and met many interesting animals including the legendary Elder Holly Glade Butterflies [Although calling them Butterflies will get you wing slapped! They prefer "Flutterbys"], the Raccoons and Minature Dragons - called "Wyverns"..., and the many other species who live there...

After stumbling around the Elder Holly Glade, lost and bewildered, David and Luke came across an injured Flutterby, Maloran and being the kind hearted explorers they were, rendered assistance and helped him get home to his mate Alexandra.. The road to recovery for Maloran was long and during the many months of his recovery, David and Luke learnt much about Elder Holly Glade and its inhabitants... From the mischievous and playful Raccoons, the Peace loving Flutterbys and the regal and loyal Wyverns - to name but a few...

During this time the brothers formed a strong and lasting bond of friendship with Maloran and his mate Alexandra. When Maloran was up and about again, he made a point of introducing them and educating them in the ways of the magical forest. However as explorers they both knew that soon enough they would need to return to their homeland.. David and Luke offered the Flutterbys an opportunity - to become explorer's with them and travel the world - to which Maloran and Alexandra readily agreed.

On the day they were to depart and return home, a number of Flutterbys joined them and en-masse they all returned to the home of David and Luke - Mendez Manor and began to breed and grow and learn the ways of man.

From these small beginnings, the Elder Holly Glade Flutterbys have spread all through the world of Secondlife, and are always ready to explore a new land..... Want to part of this legacy, then come to Mendez Manor and get yourself some Butterflies and begin your journey!